What would happen if we brought together the euphoria of champagne and wine with the distinct characteristics of beer? 

We decided to experiment with Champagne yeast and Pinot Noir grapes. After 1.5 years of brewing many batches, we now have the perfect recipe!

At the end of the summer we hand-picked Pinot-Noir grapes in Hungary and added them to the brewing process.

The result is a light sparkling beer with a fruity aftertaste thanks to the Pinot-Noir grapes.

It was an amazing adventure to make this beer with all the taste tones being so beautifully in balance. 


Let all your senses be stimulated by Vuurzee, a fire of sparks!

Vuurzee is our first sparkling beer. An elegant blond beer that we have prepared with champagne yeast. We use this yeast to give the beer a slightly drier character and a nice spark in the mouth.


Renewed beer style

We have chosen to bring this beer style to the market because brewing with champagne yeast is a true adventure and there are countless flavor combinations to discover.


This new beer style is excellent to combine with gastronomic dishes. That is why "Vonkelbier" fits very well with De Goede & De Stoute.

We are busy experimenting with various grape varieties and other types of fruit so that we can soon surprise our fans with a new "Vonkelbier"!


Where to experience?


Vuurzee is available at our affiliated restaurants and hotels. Vuurzee is also available in our webshop for the members of De Goede & De Stoute. 

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